Staying in Touch

The Valentine Neighborhood Association uses a variety of tools to communicate with our neighbors. They include the following.


The VNA maintains an email list using Constant Contact. This list is used for emails from the VNA Board, as well as for our electronic newsletter. You do not have to be a member of VNA to be on our email list, although we hope you will consider joining.

  • Who’s it for: The Board of the Valentine Neighborhood Association to share the newsletter, reminders, alerts and other information with our neighbors.
  • How to get it: Send this email​ to be added to the email list.


The VNA has a Facebook page where neighbors can share news, photos and where people can connect.

  • Who’s it for: Facebook is a social tool for people who want to stay in touch with their neighbors and friends.
  • How to get it: Go to our Facebook page and become a fan.


The VNA has established a Nextdoor Neighborhood for Valentine. We suggest using Nextdoor for neighborhood needs instead of Facebook style socializing. You can categorize your posts, and set preferences for what categories and from which neighborhoods you want to receive Nextdoor email. The city of Kansas City and the Kansas City Police Department also use Nextdoor to reach out to their citizens.

  • Who’s it for: Nextdoor is a networking site to let neighbors reach out to each other for such things as Crime &Safety Information, Contractor Recommendations,  Lost & Found Pets, etc.
  • How to get it: Download the Nextdoor Valentine PDF. It explains how to sign up and how to set your preferences.

VNA website

Valentine maintains this website with neighborhood news, archives and links to vital information.

  • Who’s it for: Anyone who needs the latest information on the neighborhood.

Google Group

The Google group is a way for residents of Valentine to exchange information directly with other residents. It is a fast way to get out the word about crime, suspicious people, lost pets, and to exchange information about anything neighborhood-related.

  • Who’s it for: Anyone who lives in the Valentine area.
  • How to get it: Go to ValentineKCMO in Google Groups and sign up. You’ll get an email back when you’ve been added to the group.

Contact us​.